Client Testimonials



Hi! My name is Kelsey. I’m a florist and love to stay active during my free time. I like the gym, but outdoor workouts are my favorite, whether I’m at the track or hiking up a mountain with a 30 pound pack on.

    About a year ago I started having consistent pain in my right shoulder. It generally felt tight, my range of motion was inhibited, and I couldn’t sleep on my right side. I actually had to stop working out altogether. I also hold all of my stress in my upper back, which was really starting to take a toll on me. Enter, Ana. Thank God I found her! My first session was an eye opener for me - I didn’t realize just how many knots I had. Afterward, I immediately felt different (I felt great actually) and my pain had diminished, so I made a decision to stick with seeing her. It’s been about 6 months that I’ve been going to Ana and I can honestly say she’s healed my shoulder and has helped my back pain tremendously. Now, whenever I feel any sort of discomfort in my body I make sure to get in to see her as soon as possible. She’s been a real lifesaver and an asset to have in order to maintain my active lifestyle.

    Ana never disappoints. You can tell how knowledgeable she is with the human body and the way muscles work synergistically with each other. She takes her time to understand and figure out where your pain is and what might be causing it. Being a florist, I have to repeat certain movements day in and day out, which causes tightness in my upper body and contributes to pain and tension in my joints and muscles. Ana understands this and knows which muscles need attention in order to give me relief. Not only does she listen to my concerns, but I can tell she truly cares about helping me. Ana is a gem and, in my opinion, irreplaceable. Before finding her, I had no idea just how valuable it is to have a great massage therapist, especially because I’m so active.

- Kelsey, California, October 2016

My name is Adam, I’m 29 years old, in sales, and enjoy a lot of different physical activities from weight training, boxing, backpacking, running, volleyball etc so my body is constantly being put through the ringer.

I started working with Ana in April 2015 after moving home from San Fran. I had just completed 6months of physical therapy and acupuncture after herniating my L4/L5 & L5/S1 discs in August ‘15. I was getting back to pushing my body like I had in the past, and wanted to make sure I wasn’t neglecting continuous preventative work/maintenance.

Long story short - Ana gave me exactly what my body needed. If I was sore from a tough workout and wanted her to do deep knot releasing work, she did exactly that all over my body. If I wanted a mixture of pain and feel-good, she’d give me that.

I’ve tried different kinds of massages and Ana’s is a unique blend of sports therapy and spa-like relaxation. She uses coconut oils, regularly used ‘cupping’ on me, and even used hot stones on my girlfriend. You simply CANNOT find someone with such a broad range of skills like Ana.

If you’re a competitive athlete pushing your body to the max, or just someone looking to keep everything working properly and smoothly, GO TO ANA! You will not be disappointed.

Thanks for everything Ana, you are already sorely missed :)
— Adam - October 2016

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My name is Melissa and I am a Medical Social Worker at a Children's Hospital. I enjoy living life to its fullest which means, laughing, hanging with friends, making new friends, enjoying music, dancing, hiking, traveling, and working out. I really enjoy taking care of myself, because after all it is all about Mind, Body and Spirit! 

My initial reason for seeking massage therapy was for stress and muscle relief. I started working out years ago and realized that I didn't allow my body to heal between workouts. I had injured my right upper back and noticed that my neck would get really stiff. Needless to say, I was carrying all my stress in my upper back, shoulders and neck. I first met Ana at Glen Ivy. Can I say AMAZING???? Ana blew me away within the first 5 minutes of her working on me. She has this amazing intuition and knowledge! As soon as she worked on me, she could tell that my pillow was too flat and that I sleep with my arm underneath my head. I literally thought she was psychic- that is how in touch she is with the human body. I was hooked. Her energy is unlike any others and her work is purely a miraculous gift. Ana has helped to heal my body, release stress and tension, and release negative energy. After a session with Ana, I feel renewed. I feel like I am not the same person that walked in the door prior to the session, and I feel as though my energy becomes refreshed as well. Honestly, Ana is THE BEST massage therapist I have ever met. She is a healer, and I am so blessed to know her. Besides Ana being amazing at what she does, the best part about our sessions is the connection. She listens to my body but also to me as I speak. I love that she goes to a deeper level and doesn't just try to heal your "knots" but heals your organs and whole body (energy, emotions etc). Lastly, Ana has truly surpassed any expectation that I had walking in over 2 years ago when I first met her. She is so positive, uplifting, and encouraging. She really has helped me to become a stronger woman, and has helped to not only heal my upper back, but my soul. Thank you Ana for being who you are, and giving to me the beautiful gift of healing.

- Melissa, Southern California, September 2016